'High Noon' Art Print by Adrianne Hawthorne
'High Noon' Art Print by Adrianne Hawthorne
'High Noon' Art Print by Adrianne Hawthorne
'High Noon' Art Print by Adrianne Hawthorne
'High Noon' Art Print by Adrianne Hawthorne
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'High Noon' Art Print by Adrianne Hawthorne

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Available as an unframed print or adhesive decal

'Wild' is a great word to describe the vivid artworks by artist Adrianne Hawthorne.

This popular print cleverly manages to be earthy and grounded as well as bright and bubbly. It's up to you how you display it - earthy tones or pops of colour?

A satisfying combination of shape, colour and pattern collide to create a truly unique landscape artwork.

Perfect partnered with our Dawn in the Desert print, or if you're feeling more adventurous, why not pair it with another desert landscape, our Purple Skies print?

Our art prints

We’ve carefully selected each and every one of our prints from female artists around the globe, so you can feel confident they will add style to your space and make you feel proud as punch.

Best of all, our prints come in a range of options. Choose from:

  • Unframed print (no border)
  • Adhesive, removable decal (with a colourful printed border)

All of our prints are printed on 240gsm premium matte paper with genuine Epson Ultrachrome archival inks for beautifully rich, vibrant colours.

Our frames are made from sustainably sourced Australian plantation timber and come with glass and steel wire ready to hang. 

Our decals are printed on premium matte vinyl.

    The artist

    Adrianne has a graphic design background but prefers making art with her own hands.

    Her brand, Ponnopozz, is named after two imaginary friends she had as a child (Ponno and Pozzer). The name is a daily reminder of the unbridled creativity she had as a child, and which she continues to nurture through painting and drawing.

    Adrianne is currently based in Chicago, Illinois and enjoys birdwatching in her spare time!

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