Rainbow Wall Stickers (Hand Drawn)
Rainbow Wall Stickers (Hand Drawn)
Rainbow Wall Stickers (Hand Drawn)
Moonface Studio

Rainbow Wall Stickers (Hand Drawn)

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Rainbow wall stickers in a hand drawn style and bound to make everyone smile.

Each rainbow measures 8cm and comes in a pack of 24 or 48. Available as a single colour or as a two colour mixed pack.

Made from premium grade removable vinyl, these stickers look great on walls and doors.

Stickers work best on clean walls. If you have newly painted walls you will have to wait 2-3 weeks for the paint to cure before applying the sticker.
May not adhere well to walls painted with acrylic paint that contains teflon. Please contact us for a free sample to test your walls first if you are unsure.

Stickers can be removed without marking walls.

Installation instructions provided.

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