The New Devine

Aussie-French Paintress, Irish hubby, Italian Sheepdog, culturally-confused cubs and art that is all ‘I still call Australia home.’

Granddaughter of famous French potters Adele and Bernard Deborde.

Daughter of renowned French modern artist, Marc Deborde.

Claire was born in Toulouse, France and grew up in a Brisbane art gallery.

Now married to an Irishman and with two dual-citizen small humans monopolising much of her time, she creates pieces which evoke joy -  a rare reprieve from the post-modern haste of twenty-first century life. 

Claire creates whimsical botanicals and modern impressionist pieces for those who have grown up but not old. She’s on a mission to #banboringwalls and #makeeverythingmorebeautiful.  Her art has been described as ‘boho chic,’ ‘elegant eclectic’ and ‘relaxed elegance.’

Claire loves coffee, champagne, dad jokes, yoga and long walks with her 'tame wolf,' Nanette. She lives between her lakeside home in Brisbane, Australia and her little farm house in Cold Country. French is her first language but with her good old ocker accent, you'd never know.