Alpaca / Llama Print - Spirit Animal Series
Alpaca / Llama Print - Spirit Animal Series
Alpaca / Llama Print - Spirit Animal Series
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Alpaca / Llama Print - Spirit Animal Series

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You will love the insane amount of details in this fine art pencil drawing!

The eclectic Alpaca, or its close relative the Llama, both share the same spirit animal characteristics. In South America, cultures such as the Incas of Peru held these animals in high regard, and it’s undeniable they have a special kind of charm and character that is loved by all. The alpaca symbolises true confidence, and radiates endless positive energy and strength. Seeing things from a higher perspective means the Alpaca is very focused, goal-driven and perseverant. As your spirit animal it encourages success, and guides you to follow your heart on achieving anything you set your mind to.

Each original piece in the collection is hand drawn over approximately 40-50 hours with intricate coloured pencil work. Fine art prints are created using the highest quality papers and finishes to showcase the artwork.

Size Guide:

A4 Prints // 8.27x11.69" (similar to Letter size)

A3 Prints // 11.7x16.5" (similar to Tabloid size)

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