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Bear Art Print - Spirit Animal Series
Bear Art Print - Spirit Animal Series
Bear Art Print - Spirit Animal Series
Earthdrawn Studio

Bear Art Print - Spirit Animal Series

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The magnificent brown bear has been worshipped throughout time as one of the most symbolic spirit animals. With eyes as pure as the earth on which he walks, the bear has a deep connection with nature, and is a powerful bringer of physical, spiritual and emotional healing. The bear enjoys the sweet and simple things in life; he is a reminder to practice self love and allow yourself time to rest and recuperate when required. Place the bear on your wall as your animal totem, and he will guide you on your journey.
Each original piece in the collection is hand drawn over approximately 40 hours with intricate coloured pencil work.

Size Guide:

A4 Prints // 8.27x11.69" (similar to Letter size)

A3 Prints // 11.7x16.5" (similar to Tabloid size)

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