Colourmeleon – Pop of Colour
Christina Cerqueira

Colourmeleon – Pop of Colour

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From the Artist:

Colourmeleon is my name for this cute colourful chameleon.

I wanted to paint another piece at 20cm x 20cm on timber to go with my Sea Turtles for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (which was cancelled due to the global pandemic of coronavirus).

It was hard to pick what to paint. But was I saw this guy, I couldn’t resist. What the world needs now is love, and colour! While we are all safely tucked away self isolating in our homes, I am hoping to bring some joy and light back into the world.

Colourmeleon is an original watercolour artwork by me. It is 20cm x 20cm in size, painted on timber. Finished with a clear coat of resin which really helps to make the colours pop!

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200 x 200mm

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