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The Hectic Eclectic Shop .

Recently, we here at The Hectic Eclectic Shop commenced our newest venture, a personalised styling service for local businesses and individuals.

One of our latest clients is Jo. Jo is the owner and operator of a storage shed café connected to a local swimming pool that she manages.

We had the pleasure of creating a unique and funky space for her customers to enjoy when visiting. 

Below you can see the before and after pictures of what we were able to achieve.

But first, some info on the plan details:

Location: Clifton, Queensland
Building/Room: Storage Shed/Café 
Budget: Under $5,000
Vision/Vibe: A fun, vibrant place to enjoy a cuppa whilst being mindful of Workplace Health & Safety and practicality.
Time Line: 4 weeks
First things first: We met with the client, where we established whether we would be a suitable connection (which obviously, we totally were!)
We then worked out a budget and started to source items and inspiration for styling. Plus, we took a lot of before photos.
Here they are;
Our client was generous enough to let us take the reins on design concepts for this styling so that's exactly what we did. We gathered some Pinterest photos and created an inspiration board to give Jo a visual of what we had in mind. Here's an example of what that looks like. We also included a list of product and product variations. 
This is just 2 of the 18 pages we designed!
Jo was pleased with our vision and we were over the moon, so we set to work gathering supplies.
Thankfully we had our handy man onsite for a few last minute additions.
Jo had a wall to the right of her front of counter that was damaged and we were racking our brains trying to find a solution to cover the damage.
Painting the wall was definitely an option however this still would not have covered the damage to the wall as the walls were dented. The café walls were also metal so we tried to think up an alternative solution that would be time wise and cost effective. Some ideas we had were to cover the wall with a tall plant or a tall shelf but once again this wouldn't have been practical or safe. Another idea was to install a pegboard, however on the day of; Brandi came up with the bright idea to cover the wall with a thin piece of sheeting and to paint it and create a unique feature by shaping it into an arch. (This design is very popular at the moment).
After cutting the board into an arched shape, it was time to paint. First off, we painted the board with 2 coats of primer and then 2 coats of a paint that Brandi had mixed herself. This was a risk that certainly paid off as we didn't come prepared with a paint colour in mind. (Don't you just love a happy accident?)
The end result was this peachy-pink colour. We then installed a picture ledge to hold the letter board sign notifying customers to grab a blanket and make them selves comfortable. There is a lot of space in her outdoor seating area and in the basket, we have included 2 x recycled plastic floor rugs and 3 x light weight throw blankets. 
This cosy corner was not finished yet! We still had some wallpaper coming that was going to be covering the front of the counter. We ordered this Terazzo removable wallpaper from Tiny Walls. 
On the other side of the Cafe, our handyman was busy installing 25 panels of UN-REAL Hedge Tile purchased at Bunnings. These tiles measure 50cm x 50cm. We used 5 tiles across and 5 tiles down. 
Ally was also at work writing MENU on Jo's new chalkboard, which was then installed next to the hedging and would be one of the first 2 things that customers would see when they walk in to the café. 
While Ally, was doing that, Brandi was busy spray painting four of Jo's metal stools. The stools were faded and rusting and we wanted to bring them back to life and make them more cohesive with the space by bringing together the black elements such as the bar stools, light fixtures, chalk board and picture frame. This not only saved Jo a handful of cash, but saved these stools from ending up in landfill. Win/Win!
We used Dulux Metalshield Epoxy Enamel in Gloss Black as we wanted them to be easy to spray and wipe clean. 
This space that we had envisioned for the past 4 weeks was finally coming together! 
What would this space be without a touch of The Hectic Eclectic Shop! We purchased and framed this gorgeous A1 Whale Print from Milly & Mae Designs. We installed this artwork with several command brand strips. 
Look at how proud Ally is! She is having a whale of a time..... (I went there)

We still had a few bits and pieces that we were waiting on in the mail so we had to wait a little while longer. Once they arrived, we were back to finish this space off!

We installed 20m of Solar Powered Festoon Lights, the Terrazzo Removable Wallpaper from Tiny Walls and this Pink Neon Coffee Sign we found on Etsy. We really wanted to save as much money for Jo as we could and we managed to get this neon sign for a steal! 

Overall we were able to stay under budget by almost $3000!


We are over the moon with the end results of this space and happy to say that Jo is too! Have a look for yourself at what we have accomplished and let us know what you think in the comments.

Below is a list of the items that we have not yet mentioned. Some products were supplied by Jo, such as the bar tables and small metal stools and some of the table decorations. 

Before we sign off, we wanted to say a huge and heart felt thank you to Jo for having faith in us and giving us the freedom to create a fun, yet practical space for her customers to enjoy!

List of linked products and supplies:

4 x Amart HERRERA Black Bar Stools (unfortunately black has sold out online so we have linked the white stools)

4 x Black Spray Paint Bunnings 

25 x Un-Real Hedge Tiles

1 x A1 Whale Print

1 x A1 Spotlight Black Frame (Instore Only)

1 x Chalk Board + Chalk Pens

2 x Floorsome Recycled Plastic Floor Mats

1 x Target Basket (Instore)

3 x Mocka Throw Blankets (Blue, Pink, Grey)

2 x Rolls of Tiny Walls Safari Terrazzo Wallpaper

1 x Coffee Pink Neon Sign

1 x Large Terrazzo Self Watering Pot (White)

2 x Medium Terrazzo Self Watering Pot (White)

1 x Small Terrazzo Self Watering Pot (White)

1 x Large Golden Cane Palm

1 x Medium Philodendron

1 x Small Jade Plant

3 x Premium Potting Mix

1 x Mulch Brick (Instore Only)

1 x 20M Solar Festoon Lights

2 x Sheets of MDF Sheeting (Instore)

1 x 55cm White Picture Rail

1 x Letter Board

1 x Pink Rainbow Vase (Instore Only)

3 x Berry Garlands

1 x Clip on Light Shade

Other supplies used and provided; Primer, Paint, Command Hooks and Strips.


Brandi & Ally x


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